License application submission - Delphi to Artotina 96km

Today τηε 13th October 2020 we officially filed a license application for the field works that are needed to widen, clean and mark the Pindus Trail section Delphi - Artotina.

The route has a length of 96km and consists of 6 daily stations, the town of Delphi, the town of Amfissa, the village of Viniani, the mountainhut of Mt. Gkiona and the villages of Mousounitsa (a.k.a. Athanasios Diakos) and Artotina. The trail walks over 2 high mountains, Gkiona and Vardousia. Upon receiving positive comments by the relevant authority, we are optimistic that the license approval will be granted soon, in order for us to continue our scheduled field works on this first part of Pindus Trail 600km.

The completion and filing of the license application was generously supported by the friends of Pindus Trail