Our vision is to give life back to the small rural and mountainous villages and town of Greece. Once upon a time, these places were lively hubs of social life and thriving local economies. Globalization and urbanization took it away, bit by bit. But here comes the time when people want out of the cities. Their desire ranging from just a weekend to completely leaving the city behind (and starting anew in a little place), is strongly intertwined with the development of the #1 outdoor attraction, everywhere: hiking. 

And hiking is in turn, tighly connected to the development of trail networks. Greece is a country with -virtually- thousands of kilometers of footpaths, most of which are to be found on mountains. 

To make our vision happen, we have achieved the following goals:

  1. Create and/or improve sustainable & green outdoor tourism infrastracture
  2. Organize events and education conferences
  3. Conduct scientific research concerning local, sustainable growth