TERRA PINDUS was formed by a small group of people and their overwhelming passion for the Greek Mountains.

Time and trekking together, gradually built a deep friendship, based on mutual values and perception of how life`s hardships in rural Greece can be overcome. Our approach is built on the principle of true, green and sustainable development of rural and mountainous societies and what we can offer to improve it: create, preserve, map and promote the mountainous trails of our country. 

OUR VISION is to give life back to the small rural and mountainous villages and towns of Greece. Once upon a time, these places were thriving local economies and lively hubs of social life. Globalization and urbanization took it away, bit by bit. Fortunately, times changed and now people want out of the cities. Some want to get out for just a weekend and some want to leave the city behind and even start anew in the countriside. Regardless of the reason, their desire is strongly intertwined with the development of the #1 outdoor attraction (in Greece and any other country), hiking. 

Hiking in turn, is close connected to the development of trail networks. Greece is a country with -literally- thousands of kilometers of footpaths, most of which are mountainous. This is where we come in with expertise, experience and the will to take Greece to the next level of being a hiking destination.

The project`s presentation in English and in Greek