Apostolis Tsimpanakos

Apostolis Tsimpanakos was born on the 10 of January in 1980 in the city of Volos in Greece, where he lived and worked until his 30s. He is a graduate of technical faculties school (construction, applied arts, design) and mountaineering schools (mountaineering, canyoning, rescue), with a love and passion for nature and especially the mountains. His intense involvement with mountain sports from a young age as well as his frequent contact with nature, gradually led him away from the urban environment.

In 2007 he chose to engage professionally with outdoor activities, providing a variety of services (organization, coordination & guiding) in various mountainous areas of Greece undertaking multi-day excursion programs in mountains, canyons and rivers. He worked with various outdoor activities companies as an employee and then founded his own company based in the Tzoumerka Mountains, with main focus on multiple days hiking trips.

As a curator of the Hellenic Canyon Exploration Association (2010-2014), he contributed to explorations and mapping of gorges and waterfalls in Greece, with a greater emphasis on Epirus, and especially in the Tzoumerka area.

In 2012 he became a permanent resident of Tzoumerka and between 2013-2017 undertook the renovation and management of the mountain hut of Melissourgoi. Simultaneously, he worked as a development expert for the Municipality of Northern Tzoumerka. Upon consent of the local administration  and with his own means, he created a network of mild tourist infrastructures such as trails, outdoor sports & leisure sites and mapping (digital & printed). During the same time he organized and coordinated a series of events propagating the nature and culture of Pindos mountain range (research, sports activities, seminars, workshops & concerts).

In spring 2015 he played a significant role in the reopening of the Epirus Union of Agrotourism and represented the Union at various Hellenic Agrotourism Federation meetings across Greece. The scope of this Union aims at the spreading and development of the primary sector, the upgrading of mountain tourism and the culture of small societies.

From spring 2017 to autumn 2018, he moved from Tzoumerka region to the dense forests of northern Pindos, taking charge and coordinating the full restoration of a large part of the E6 international trail, in collaboration with local agencies and volunteers, aiming to actually extend the network.

At the end of 2018, due to future plans and better conditions, he launches with his partners the plan and creates a non profit organization (Social Cooperative) by the name "Terra Pindus" that focuses on the rescue, promotion and spreading of outdoor life and culture.

In 2019, now also a father of two children, he returned to build his home and organize his business headquarters, but also thematic tourism infrastructure, again in Tzoumerka and more specifically in Theodoriana village of the central Tzoumerka Municipality.