Pindus Trail - the state of trail works and construction right now

The present state of Pindus Trail

Starting in 2013, we invested personal funds and savings and promoted volunteer work, to start building Pindus Trail by utilizing, preserving and marking old, unused trails. So far, we have cleared and marked 142km of various trail parts along the North Pindus and the Central Greece lines.

At the moment however, we are close to submitting an official application to the Greek State to finnish off route constructions, marking and promoting of the first trail Part, Delphi – Vardousia Mts. (59km).


We need your help!

During all this difficult time, there were some businesses and authorities who supported us, also finnancially. Right now a small donation by you, the friends of Pindus Trail will allow us to speed up finnishing the first part, Delphi - Vardousia. You can do so by making a donation here.


Our schedule

Our immediate goal is to clear the official state-application procedure. This will allow us to finnish all remaining works on the line Delphi - Mts. Vardousia.

Our long term scheduling granted that there will be no more obligatory quarantines on a state level, is to complete the whole 600km of Pindus Trail by Spring 2023. This also depends on succeeding with our pending funding applications in various non profit and charity institutions.

What follows next

Some final scouting days will be conducted on the line Delphi - Vardousia, while later in the fall, some volunteer events and trail preservation works will be organized. The consequent step is the completion of scouting and field research on the second part of the first section of Pindus Trail, the hiking line Vardousia Mts. - Karpenisi city. 


The income we raise goes to payments of workers and people who work with us locally, stuff and provisions for the hard work of preserving and building trails, as well as in hosting educational events in various places of the Pindus mountain range. In the rare cases of remaining profit, the sum is deposited for the short term field research and works needs

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